How much do panhandlers really make? Can you possibly make a living at this? How much of a difference does a funny sign make? Will people give to a guy in a banana suit? Does every sign have to say "God Bless?" Important questions. I aim to find the answers. Give me a dollar. God Bless.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Do People Really Donate Online?

Yes, real people really give me money online, more each day. Of course I still make WAY more begging on freeway offramps.
I've listed the amount and the doner's given name. The remarks in quotes are comments the doner included with their payment in the section for specifying what they're paying for. Donate away, and let me know if you don't want me to publish your name. The folks that supplied an address may get added to my Christmas card list. I've recieved a non-monetary donation as well, click here!

March 2007
$5.00 from Cara Stidham for "java" and on my birthday no less. Thanks Cara. And thanks for the $5 you sent me last June.

November 2006
$20.00!!! from James Crow in SC, but he says it's for my stories and not for my beggin. I'll take it! Thanks James.

October 2006
$2.00 from Paul Sitko who asks me to tell Emily Elders he said hi. Sorry dude, I'd charge more than for having to talk to her. :)

August 2006
$2.00 from my friend who has asked to have her name removed as she is job hunting and being associated with me is not the way to win an over a prospective employer.

July 2006
$10.00 from Christina Pendleton

June 2006
$5.00 from Cara Stidham for Coffee
$10.00 Jody Pendleton, who likes my stories. Getting paid for my stories feels like I have a job. Almost makes me feel dirty. But feeling dirty is nice too!

May 2006
$1.05 from Linea, who says I slept with her once. Um, thanks... for everything.

February 2006
$5.00 from Christina Simuangco. Good thing she's not paying me to say her name right.
$5.00 from SteveO. Could it be THE SteveO from Jackass? (It's not, but it's fun to pretend.)
$2.00 from, yeah way to get a cheap plug. $2 bucks, sheesh.

December 2005
$6.66 from the devil himself Robert Berry.

November 2005
$2.00 from Kerri Mack for "the big brown banana"

October 2005
$2.50 from Ronald Kimball for "Ongoing amusement" Thanks Ronald
$3.50 from Alicia Araya who advise I not spend it all in one place

September 2005
$7.50 from Brian Phelps

August 2005
$2.00 from Fresh Start Group LLC who don't seem to think that a plug should be worth a bigger donation than $2 bucks which barely covers the paypal fees, cheap bastards. God bless.
$4.00 from Zina who asks that I please remove her full name from my website. Thanks Zina, and it is done. :)
$1.00 from Brian Thompson of He didn't ask for a plug, I just like him.
$1.00 USD from Lynette Rorer "One time I saw a pan-handler with a sign that said, "Hungry and Homeless. Beer Helps. God bless." I gave him money, too." Right on. Got to have that God Bless.
$5.00 from Erick Jensen. No relation, except that he's my nephew. He says the money is for, "being a dumb ass uncle :)"
$3.54 from Adam Thoume for "The expensive vegan snacks fund"
$0.23 from Kyle Sessions who thinks he's clever. He's not.

July 2005
$0.02 from Michael Peabody who writes "Dumbass Ha Ha Ha" Dude, Noy already beat you. You're the dumb ass.
$ 0.01 Noy Kofler sets a record that can't be broken. Now knock it off ya funny bastards.
$ 0.05 Chris Slat breaks the cheapskate record set by Robert Berry
$ 0.25 Jim Janson breaks no record, but thank for the quarter dude
$ 1.00 Windy St. George comments "farked!" Thanks Windy & Fark.
$ 2.00 Nathan Berry comments "Awesomeness". Thanks buddy.
$ 1.00 Aubrey Kirtley III, for "A drink," just what I need, thanks Aub.
$ 1.00 George Murphy, for "being a prick", Oh well I'm a prick with your money. Thanks for the buck George.
$ 1.00 Robbie, from the band Quitter, for "Being a Genius" Awwww thanks.
$ 2.00 Shareen Crosby for "Steamy hot banana sex" !!! I'm blushing. Thanks.

June 2005
$ 4.00 Stephen Magnum, for "pornography collection" Sets the record for biggest doner, which rhymes with... oh never mind. Thanks Stephen.
$ 2.17 Amanda McMillan, for "sexual favors :)" I hope I had a good time. Thanks.
$ 1.00 Amber Kloss "that cappucino better be SOY asshole!" Ambot, I went to Starbucks just to tick you off
$ 1.00 Zina"god bless bananas and atheists" Indeed. Thanks Wheez.
$ 0.16 Robert Berry gets us off to a rockin' start. Comment "thanks for the "pleasure"" You're welcome Bo Berry and Thank you.

Pay pal charges me fees. This cuts into the money that I have to buy celbrity gossip magazines with. Can you maybe help counter balance this by donating a couple of bucks? Thanks and of course, God Bless.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Specify a donation level for which you will write a donor's message on cardboard and post a photo on the web site. (If it's an obscene message, well, just take the photo in a mirror.)

7:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

um why is my name on here. as for the sexual favors I haope I had a good time too.

5:00 PM

Blogger chefkac said...

Hi Keith. Thanks for making me famous. xoxo from Alameda, Kerri

6:56 PM

Blogger Andres said...

PLEASE help me get the love of my life back.

copy and paste, no gimmicks.

12:25 PM

Anonymous Christopher Dean said...

hey as were talking about donations, it would be great if some people would help me out with my fundraiser. im running the london marathon in april in aid for a chairty who helped my grandad when he died of cancer, and im plannin to raise much as possible, to say thx for the hard work they did.

go on the link below and donate. thank you for your help

2:24 PM


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