How much do panhandlers really make? Can you possibly make a living at this? How much of a difference does a funny sign make? Will people give to a guy in a banana suit? Does every sign have to say "God Bless?" Important questions. I aim to find the answers. Give me a dollar. God Bless.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Using the Wheelchair

We were making a short film and I played a panhandler. Rather than depend on my amazing acting skills I went for the reality approach and let them record me while I panhandled with a carboard sign. I had a wheelchair handy, and I'm a regular stuntman in a wheelchair with red hot wheelie action and more, so I decided to use it.

I didn't care too much if I got much money since we were doing this mostly for the sake of the film but I was pretty discouraged to not get a dime. Some dumb guys in a big car gave me a stick of gum but that was it. I'm not really a big fan of gum. For some reason people are more responsive on freeway off ramps. I think that if you work the cardboard sign somewhere else it throws off the rythm of the giving.

So, some days are pretty rough. Please don't let today be one of them. Help out?


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