How much do panhandlers really make? Can you possibly make a living at this? How much of a difference does a funny sign make? Will people give to a guy in a banana suit? Does every sign have to say "God Bless?" Important questions. I aim to find the answers. Give me a dollar. God Bless.

Friday, March 07, 2008

And What's Next

Thanks everyone for supporting the opening tonight.
We'll be looking for representation and distribution and more screenings soon.

Also, you can catch my other project, The Coexist? Comedy Tour next Friday at UC Berkeley. Click here for details. You can even buy me a soy latte.


Anonymous Kat said...

Just got back from watching your film. I'm so glad I went! I hadn't heard of your panhandling project at all and didn't know what I was getting into but my sister (whose coworker is the girlfriend of one of the producers) invited me. Fuckdamn that was funny! I especially liked the mime's sign with nothing on it. :) I hope to see it in a theater again and will definitely buy the DVD when it's available.

1:20 AM

Blogger KLJ said...

Thank you so much Kat. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I hope we'll find some distribution/representation and get it out on DVD for you soon, but of course seeing the premier at the theater was the way to go. :)

7:34 AM


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