How much do panhandlers really make? Can you possibly make a living at this? How much of a difference does a funny sign make? Will people give to a guy in a banana suit? Does every sign have to say "God Bless?" Important questions. I aim to find the answers. Give me a dollar. God Bless.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Get A Job!

One thing people love to yell at me when I'm out flying my cardboard sign is "Get a job!"

Yeah, why don' t I? I'm going to talk with some of the homeless panhandlers I've met and I'll make a resume based on the average work experience of these folks. I'll see how I can deal with not having an address or phone number. I'll talk with Loaves and Fishes and Salvation Army to find out what they can offer homeless job seekers in the way of job seeking assistance and I will allow myself the same advantages.

Then, if I can actually get the job, and I'll keep it at it until I do, I'll write about how freakin' great it is to work at Burger King or Wal-Mart or whatever.

I'm not saying that it can't be done, that the homeless can't get a job and get themselves up off the streets. Folks always give me stories of amazing people pulling themselves up from nothing. I have great admiration for these people. I want to see first hand just how tough it is. Yelling "Get a job." just seems so simplistic. For one, the homeless may end up spending more a month on rent than you. Staying in a $39.99 hotel room at night brings you up to $1200 bucks a month.

And not having a kitchen means spending a-lot on food. Even without mental illness, addiciton, etc. it's a tough situation.

Give me a month or two, I have some more panhandling to do and we're working around the clock editing footage and taping interviews for the documentarty.

Speaking of the doc. If you have any experience with Panhandling or being panhandled and want to be interviewed get in touch. If you're in the Sacramento area we can interview, if your further away you can interview yourself and send us a video tape. Mind you it has to be fairly high quality video and audio and there's not guarantee we can use it, but hey, we may.


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