How much do panhandlers really make? Can you possibly make a living at this? How much of a difference does a funny sign make? Will people give to a guy in a banana suit? Does every sign have to say "God Bless?" Important questions. I aim to find the answers. Give me a dollar. God Bless.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Radio Interview July 24th, 2pm

Yes, this is some advanced notice as it's twenty days off, but that means you have even less of an excuse if you miss it. You can listen on 90.9 fm in Sacramento or online HERE.
If you're reading this and July 24th, 2008 is ancient history you should be able to listen HERE, providing humans haven't evolved into creatures with no ears. I hope the future is rockin'.

Now then, future people and people of the present, can you spare a couple of bucks? (Bucks is twenty first century slang for dollars-a unit of money-a certificate of fluctuating value exchangeable for goods or services.)


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